Backlot Cinema Player of the Game

Men’s Varsity

A devastating 81-52 loss against Hendersonville put a damper on the Panther Den Jan. 8th. But in gloomy outcomes you have to look for bright spots.

Kobe Manning shed some light coming off the bench midway through the second quarter. It didn’t take long for Kobe to provide a spark for his team and make the Panther fans lit. In two consecutive defensive plays Manning had two strong blocks against a 6’9 opponent.

His inspiration allowed the Panthers to rally to within 4 points at halftime and keep the game close. Commentator Tony Christie awarded Manning the Backlot Cinema Player of the Game and praised Kobe saying “He came in and played hard and tried to do his best, he did his job…He actually did more than his job. He had 4 blocks, all against the 6’9 Beeker.”. Congrats Kobe!

Women’s Varsity

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