Franklin and Hendersonville combined for 30+ turnovers in a sloppy first half of the 2019 conference opener. The Lady Panthers took a slight 4 point lead to the locker room where Coach Hartbarger and staff made necessary adjustments.

The second half started with a well balanced attack and players contributing on both sides of the ball. Canaan Drake had a solid presence under the boards with 12 rebounds and 5 blocks while leading scorer Sierra Wade dropped 14 points.

Turnovers were also limited drastically compared to early in the game. The competition might have started sloppy but it never seemed in doubt the Lady Panthers would win. The physical presence of the Lady Bearcats diminished as the game progressed. Enabling the young Franklin squad to open up the flow of the game, scoring at a blistering rate and amassing 27 points in the fourth quarter.

Kandis stepped up her game, she was all over the place and was able to spell the guards.

Tony Christie

Kandis Parker was all over the court helping her team pull away from the relentless Hendersonville squad. Parker, a reserved demeanor young lady off the court, brought a feisty on court performance to the Panther Den. Announcer Tony Christie awarded Parker as the Backlot Cinema Player of the Game, “Kandis stepped up her game, she was all over the place and was able to spell the guards.” Parker finished the night with 7 points, 5 rebounds, 2 blocks and 2 steals. The humble Kandis was gracious enough to contribute to the FPSN Snapchat after her performance. Thanks Kandis!

Final Score

Franklin – 65
Hendersonville – 37