Most fans were expecting a hardened battle against Cherokee.  What they got instead was a lopsided affair with Franklin controlling most of the game.

Senior Tye Chastain took a nasty fall only a few minutes before the half, slamming violently against the hardwood.  After going up high for a massive block, it appeared his crash to the floor might keep him down for the count.  He wouldn’t have it so and just a few seconds later Tye rose like a phoenix from the ashes and his game caught fire!

He arrived in the third quarter with his wings spread scoring 10 points in just over 4 and a half minutes of play before taking a well deserved rest on the bench.  A 14 point lead at the start of the second half turned into a 27 point lead at the end of the third quarter.

All around it was a good showing for the Men’s Varsity and a lot of young players got valuable experience. If they can build off the momentum of this win, good things will be in store.

Chastain Falls, Gets Back Up – Video